Sunday, 29 May 2016

Winter warmers

1 baby pram rug , 1 crocheted throw rug and a quilt that just required binding that has been hanging around for 6 years.
Plenty more to go but now  I have started  crocheting the wavy rug that Marina from Maisie and the Boys is doing. Having a few problems with pattern as I am not the best at crochet but it will not beat me!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

UFO Blitz

Well back at school this week and ready for next holidays!
Great thing was I could sew and make a start on all the UFOs' waiting to be completed.
Some only needed stitching up or buttons sewn on.
These are my wins.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


And I am back. Have been MIA for so long and have had so much trouble with blogger. Someone had managed to hijack my login and have not been able to access as well as building a new home ,selling up, mother moving in and my daughters having babies.
My new home is amazing and I now have a 4.2 x 3.6 dedicated sewing /craft room that is off limits to all in the house , except for the cat and dog who think it is theirs for sunning in.

One side of the sewing room.