Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday sewing

A quiet relaxing Sunday and apart from catching up on housework, grocery shopping , buying a new letterbox for my mum, cooking 6 meals for mum and cleaning out the veggie garden I managed to slip in an hour to stitch another owl!
Must include that a lovely lady from The Sewing Library posted a pattern for this owl (thank you very much).
I really have to learn to stay focussed. My friends quilt will not be done in time.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Becoming sidetracked

Supposed to be completing stitcheries for a quilt. Became a little side-tracked and made a cute mum and bub owl.

And then another owl........
My husband has taken to calling me "Fluff" as I can never settle on one thing at a time. There are just sew many things to make and not enough hours in the day. That is the great thing about winter , I can settle on the couch with stitcheries , knitting and my hexie grandmothers garden quilt that has been on the go for 4 years. I vow and declare I will at least have the top all joined before summer comes around again.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why make life so hard.

Deciding to make a quilt as a gift should be a simple task. This seems easy in theory  but not when it is only 3 weeks before your friends birthday!  To begin,  a couple of hours spent uploading fabric to EQ7 and designing a quilt. Not exactly what I wanted to make but I am sure it will be appreciated.
There are 3 stitcheries (from the Red Brolly design cupboard) that may well be the only things completed. Maybe I should logoff the computer and finish some embroidery.
Embroidered block 1 halfway completed below.