Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why make life so hard.

Deciding to make a quilt as a gift should be a simple task. This seems easy in theory  but not when it is only 3 weeks before your friends birthday!  To begin,  a couple of hours spent uploading fabric to EQ7 and designing a quilt. Not exactly what I wanted to make but I am sure it will be appreciated.
There are 3 stitcheries (from the Red Brolly design cupboard) that may well be the only things completed. Maybe I should logoff the computer and finish some embroidery.
Embroidered block 1 halfway completed below.


marina said...

lovely stitchery! look forward to seeing how you incorporate the stitcheries into the quilt.

Maria said...

I agee the process of choosing a design and fabrics takes a long time.. Good luck.
Love the stitchery.