Saturday, 6 April 2013

Not enough time

Well first week of holidays have passed and I have not been as productive as I could have been. I have finished my stitcheries' (pics to follow later) and a few bibs have been made for those that are pregnant.
3 more nappy cakes to be made and a quilt. People really need to time when they have their babies as these are all due within 1 month of each other.
Good news is that I have wedding shoes and handbag.
 Tonight we are off to the hens night . I must behave, I must behave, I must behave.


marina said...

gorgeous bib and nappy cake! You are so clever.
Look forward to seeing your finished stitcheries.
Don't even bother trying to behave, you know you can't lol

Jacky Patterson said...

Am going to Princes of the Night at Crown Casino. Hope I can bring home a friend. And I always behave Marina.

Fiona said...

I just love that bib.... and the nappy cake is very clever.. full of goodies that are needed....

Enjoy the hens night....